As a regular contributor to Amadeus Magazine and as an editor and writer for The Lumberjack, I have had the opportunity to interview and profile artists, politicians, and exotic dancers. Some notable articles include "Flagstaff city council candidates: the six civil servants looking for your vote," an in-depth Q&A on issues important to the Flagstaff Q&A; "Bruised Babes: the Flagstaff roller derby and the Dark Sky Starlets," a long-form written and multimedia piece focusing on the formative sport and it's role in Flagstaff; and "Stuck and Poked: The Mainstream Rise of Stick-N-Poke Tattoos," an insight into a long-lasting trend.


Spectators: Identity, Perspective and Experience

February 11, 2017

The Athen B. Gallery is hosting “Spectators,” a group exhibition featuring three spectacular artists with separate but complementary styles. The exhibition explores the elements that define human nature. The artists take on identity, perspective and experience to study what makes us human.


Flagstaff city council candidates: The six civil servants looking for your vote

November 7, 2016

As the Nov. 8 election nears, Flagstaff citizens and NAU students wait in anticipation for the outcome of a contentious national election and a closer-to-home local election. On the ballot for city council, there are two members running for re-election, two citizens on their second and third campaigns for city council and two first-time candidates. The Lumberjack interviewed each candidate on their positions on housing, minimum wage and what they believe are the most important issues to the citizens of Flagstaff.


Bruised babes: Flagstaff roller derby and the Dark Sky Starlets

August 27, 2016

"These suburban girls love beating the s*** out of each other,” said an attendee of a recent roller derby bout at Mount Elden Middle School. The Dark Sky Starlets in black and the Copper Queens in white are facing off against one another against the backdrop of a middle school gymnasium. Although the music is some kind of off-mix of Kid Rock and swing, the energy in the room is undeniably rock ’n’ roll.


Andrea Popydoranova Skillfully Translates Ideas Into Images

June 14, 2016

From the water to the mountains to the air, Andrea Popyordanova finds inspiration in the unknown, in the new. Popyordanova, who spends her time between Scotland and Bulgaria, begins her work by first opening her mind and then reaching for a pen. Her images, a mix of hand drawn marks and printed images, tell narratives as bold and vibrant as their subject matter.


Flagstaff's sacred mountain: the economic, political and spiritual power of the San Francisco Peaks

March 25, 2016

In the backdrop of the bustling Flagstaff community sits the San Francisco Peaks. They are a fixed landmark in the northern Arizona skyline, gracefully separating the land and the sky. The Peaks are on the southeastern edge of the Colorado Plateau and have many marks and scars formed over the past millions of years, including lava flows and cinder cones.


Sex Subcultures, and Girls with Sausages: Inside Jose Mendez’s Bold Illustrations

February 8, 2017

Brightly-colored, retro sunglass-wearing characters eating, driving, and interacting in trippy neon scenes fill Jose Mendez’s wild illustrations. Seemingly melting figures, enticing food imagery, bold shapes, a strikingly memorable color palette, and fantastic use of contrast are all dominant in the Spanish illustrators smorgasbord of imagery and motifs that he has employed for works that have graced the pages of New York Times, GQ, and The Lucky Peach.  

Harold Nelson's Collaged Dreamscapes

November 3, 2016

Harold Nelson possesses the power to create entire worlds. Using only magazine clippings, Harold constructs collage-style dreamscapes that lie somewhere between order and chaos, to conjure up characters and artistic scenarios straight from his imagination.


There's More To Green Than Money: Jet Martinez's Mural in Oakland

July 21, 2016

Gorgeous flowering white and green lines now sprout and take flight from the side of an office building in downtown Oakland. This mural, on the side of the I. Magnin Building and made possible by the Athen B. Gallery, is that of Jet Martinez’s, and his largest project yet. Oakland-based artist Martinez scaled ladders, balanced on ledges and meticulously sketched and painted the piece over the course of several weeks.


Bitchin' Bugs: A Conversation with Amy Lesko

June 9, 2016

Combing both causal and education captions and a playful style of illustration, UK illustrator Amy Lesko explores the inner workings of the bug world in her newest book, Bitchin’ Bugs. Geared toward adults rather than children, Bitchin’ Bugs uses a limited, but gorgeous color palette and minimalistic, but dynamic illustrations.


Pole Dances for Finances

April 20, 2015

Iman Worden is not the average college student, and she’s not a common character for her story either. This petite, 19-year-old sophomore has precise makeup, carefully curled hair and a reminder note scrawled on the back of her hand. When this social work major speaks, her voice is low and calm and her hands moved gently and slowly. She is intelligent and confident with over a 3.0 GPA and a strong presence despite her small stature. She seems born for the stage. But Worden is not an actress, Worden is an exotic dancer.


Illustrator Joren Cull’s Editorial Work is Fresh and Quite Humorous

November 30, 2016

Joren Cull’s artwork is inherently nostalgic, reminiscent of Sunday afternoons watching The Simpsons, nighttime car rides listening to the Flaming Lips and intricate, incredibly talented doodles in the margins of your math homework. Through both animation and illustration, Joren’s work creates worlds both familiar and foreign.

Universal Slime 4

October 27, 2016

Universal Slime, the outrageous, beautiful, and wild zine created by John F. Malta, started as copies run off of a Xerox machine at the School of Visual Arts in New York City in 2012. Four years later John is about to release the fourth installment of the annual comics, illustration, and art anthology, with artists like Kristen Liu-Wong, Josh Freydkis, Siobhán Gallagher, Homeless Cop and John himself contributing to the colorful and incredibly curated zine.


Graham Yarrington's Inked Illustrations Use Color Purposefully

June 29, 2016

Graham Yarrington's unique and minimal use of color opens the door to a hopeful world in the eerily dark landscapes he composes with ink and water on paper. His mostly monochromatic work, splashed shockingly with color, looks into his own soul and visually reflects the world around him.


Stuck and Poked: The Mainstream Rise of Stick-N-Poke Tattoos

May 19, 2016

Poke. Poke. Poke. Repeat. Unlike a needle dragging quickly, tearing the skin, a stick-n-poke tattoo goes slowly. For the same tattoo done professionally with a gun, a stick-n-poke takes almost double or triple the time. Instead of a pricey tattoo from a parlor downtown, these tattoos cost as much as sewing needles and ink.